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The third world can be described as an island of wealth with a huge belt of poverty. To be forthright, the societal and urban climate of the third world are very much tied into the concept of spontaneous settlements - urban environments that arise from the harsh conditions presented by rigid social structures, climate, limited resources, politics and the economy – attributes that may redefine it as a contemporary urban vernacular. Spontaneous settlements [or SS] are the end results of processes that give rise to informally produced housing rather than the built form of the housing itself.


To shift the perspective on SS, architect John Turner stated that it should be redefined as an

“incremental process of construction”.


My project takes a stance on how to develop a pedagogy between the architect and the homeowner/builder by focusing on the building as a process rather than the product, especially in SS environments, and hopes to transform the shelter into a dwelling.

Design Strategy Flowchart

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system's codex pages

This is   D W E L L || OS



How does the architect streamline the process of exemplifying the human value of creativity?


A meeting with Ms. Faiza Moatasim brought to light that accommodation for informal settles must in one way or another convey a socio-economic elevation, therefore the architect’s consolidation must entail a system of parts that form safer environments for the end user. For the first part of the discussion, the thesis aims to establish a potential production stream of how the bureaucracy, landowner, homeowner, and the architect can make the architectural system fold into reality. The second part of the discussion, on the other hand, will rely on establishing a reference + specification system’s codex. In this codex, much like Thomas Jefferson’s pattern book, will establish a variety of architect suggested typologies that are made up of designed systems of parts. By doing so, an expanse of modular parts will consolidate itself into a library of specification.

Programs Used:

Rhinoceros 6
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
V-Ray Renderer [Rhino]


Architect Suggested Typologies


Graphics of Matter Type 01.png


Graphics of Matter Type 02.png


Graphics of Matter Type 03.png



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